Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Plague and Pestilence

Otherwise known as our house. So, I had a little bit of a cold. Robin got some full blown chest infection. And David, just to be a big showoff, managed to get both a chest and an ear infection. I'm thinking perhaps we should get the house tented and sprayed, or at least quarantine David and Robin. You'd think, given how crappy my sleep usually is, that I'd be sick all the time, but, touch wood, most things seem to pass me by.

Speaking of crappy sleep, my dreams are getting even stranger. Last night I actually had a dream that I'd had a dream, and I was trying to figure out if the dream (in the dream) was a dream or reality. Needless to say, I was completely freaked out by Inception. What if my entire life is actually a dream within a dream? I suppose if that's the case though, I should dream myself up a bit more money and a better night's sleep. Living in one's own head should confer at least some benefits, you'd think.


It's actually a bit wintry out now, which much come as a slight surprise to the crocuses (croci?) and daffodils that have decided to bloom. This being Britain, people are complaining about it like we've entered the next ice age, when, in reality, there's a little bit of frost and people's tooties are a bit chilly. Why I love England...

I went for a nice bike ride on Sunday. It was supposed to be 60 miles, but I just sort of kept going and it ended being 80. David is pretty sure I'm very silly, which is probably true, but I do really like to bike and bike and bike and bike! Actually, when I go to the bike store, and I get some pimply faced 18 year old trying to talk down to me like I'm sort of complete dumbass, I have to resist telling him that I've been biking longer than he's been alive. Yeah, growing old disgracefully...

The January people have yet to disappear from the gym. They are everywhere, being annoying and in the way. A guy actually showed up wearing a t-shirt and a pair of long-johns. They even had the little magic door in the front. Um, hello - on which fashion impaired planet did that seem like a good idea?

Oh, I've come up with a new capital crime... Previously, I had added getting the floor all wet in the changing room to my list. Now it's throwing glass on the road. The number of times I've had to pick out shards of glass from my tires (tyres even). Definitely worth the electric chair as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, not much else at the moment. Lots of travelling on the horizon, but not just yet. Just trying not to spend myself into oblivion (ha) and still trying to convince someone to give me lots of money for doing something interesting (also ha, thus far).

I'm particularly worried about those large plants...

Ok then...

What, even better than sliced???

Some ad campaigns you just think, eh? So, eh?

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