Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January people

There exist in January a certain type of people - possibly even a separate species. You see them predominantly at the gym, and, increasingly, on the roads on shiny new bikes. They tend to be fairly well dressed, or, at least, dressed in fairly new clothing. Shiny new lycra, bulging at the seams. Gym shorts that have never before seen a droplet of sweat. Leather gloves still smelling of curing agent. The prominant activity of the gym sub-set of these people seems to consist mostly of shuffling from weight to weight, pausing in between to examine them in great detail, occasionally by actually lifting them, awkwardly, over their heads in what appears to be quiet confusion (though sometimes not so quiet, as occasionally this ritual is occasioned by loud grunting and general noisemaking). They seem often curiously unaware of the non-January types in their midst, and can sometimes make nuisances of themselves as they examine their new surroundings. The other January sub-set, found predominately on the roads, usually spend their time pedaling slowly, awkwardly between lines of traffic, often pausing to further take in their surroundings. The non-January types have a tendency to find this sort of behaviour puzzling, sometimes shouting helpful suggestions about moving out the way, moving faster - encouragement really. Like mayflies though, these January people mass and then disappear, gone almost before you knew they were there. Almost.

In other non-related news, I have a cold, but am being very stoic about it and not complaining at all. Really. Brooklyn Bridge? Sale?

I tried to go for a bike ride on Saturday, but felt like poo, so turned around. Instead, Avi, David and I hung out, went for dinner at the local pub, and watched Forbidden Kingdom, which, I have to say, was complete pants, though it had some fun kung fu.

And yesterday I went for a really nice bike ride, though I still felt a bit like poo.

Pics below:

Oh look, it's Narnia!

Oh little town of Dorking-ham...

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