Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The end of the world, or not.

So anyway, yeah - here we are in the last year of the universe, or at least the last year before they will have to come up with some new apocalyptic crap (I have no doubt).

We had a few people over for NYE - very nice - we tromped up the hill to watch all the fireworks shoot off the London Eye and Big Ben (ooh pretty), and then shot off our own, which weren't quite so exciting, but given that we bought them several years ago at the supermarket, and they seemed to shoot about 100 feet into the air and left a big flat patch in the grass (as well as lots of embers), they were lots of fun anyway. No safe and sane for us, thank you very much! A good deal of champagne was harmed during the course of the evening, meaning that NYD was a little on the lazy side (hard not to be lazy when one gets up at noon).

Yesterday I mostly made up for it by going for a very nice 68 mile ride and then taking the high-speed train back. It's a bit of an anticlimax when one's 5 hours of hard work are erased in 38 minutes. I guess I need to start biking at 140 miles per hour. I did make it to 42 miles per hour once - downhill - thought I was going to die.

Oh yeah - David and I went for a really nice 10 mile walk on NYE in the South Downs - hills along the south coast. Very pretty. I put pics for that up HERE. The weather was a bit schlocky, but it was warm (low 50s), so pretty hard to complain about that. Yesterday was chilly and sunny - perfect day for a bike ride - and today was blowy and pissing rain all day. I had all sorts of things I was supposed to do in the garden - didn't do any of them (but I did buy some new pants for work at the Gap, so that's almost the same thing... ;-)

It would have been funnier with the namesake car, but a nice pic nonetheless...

Yeah - This is the sort of reason I so like cycling around England...

Sunset, spines and fence...

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