Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Giant 3 inch blizzard paralyzes London under miles of snow

Or so you'd think. The way I see it, there has been a city here for, what, 2000 or so years, and very nearly every one of those years it has snowed. That's a lot of snow, a lot of times. What happens then? Well, every time it does snow it's like, well, it's like my god what is this white fluffy slippery stuff falling out of the sky? Granted, they have gotten a little better lately. They actually managed to salt the main roads BEFORE it snowed this time - not like the massive 6 inch dump that stranded all the city buses in their yards (something that not even the Blitz managed to do, apparently). The side streets though, well, forget them. Oh, my favourite - last time we got significant snow, I believe it was on the day it finally started to melt that they decided to spread salt in front of Town Hall, and today - the single and only place that was still icy on the way in was - wait for it, in front of the main government services building. Nice.

Oh, an interesting phenomenon in the local park was observed that did seem to correlate to the weather. Normally, this being a rather multi-ethnic area, the people out and about in the park reflect this mix. On Sunday, however, amidst quite a number of hastily crafted snow-people (I'm being 21st century politically correct, of course), one could play the game of "spot the ethnic minority". Very odd...

Saturday night I went out walking in the snow. David, Robin and Robin's friend, Mike decided to watch "Warrior", which seemed to have some amount of plot, but mostly a lot of beefy men beating the crap out of each other. Now, I'm all for beefy men, but I'm not so big on them beating each other up.

Some pics (most of them taken at night, hence the funny tone...)

Our poor little palm tree!

A beckoning door in the cold night... ;-)

Finsen Road, in the night-time snow.

A very cold monkey puzzle...

Almost Dickensian, except for those big lumpy buildings in the background...

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