Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday Evening, 10pm

I couldn't think of a clever title - oh well.

So, coming up to my first full week of work now in, well, a few weeks, and, I have to say, I'm not looking forward to it.

We got back on Weds morning, after a delayed flight from Atlanta. The plane had some sort of hydraulic problem (which the flight attendant assured us only related to the brakes - um, hello, planes, hydraulics? Kinda think the hydraulics are important!). We drove around the airport aimlessly, made one aborted attempt to take off, poodled back to the gate, sat around, were told everything was fine (even though it was still making the noise) and managed to get back to London without falling out of the sky. All without any explanation. Yay Delta - you suck. I didn't get any sleep on the way back (I never do), but slept for about 1.5 hours when we got home. I woke up completely confused, couldn't figure out how to turn off my alarm, and generally felt like donkey dong. Still though, I managed to do a short gym workout. Couldn't sleep well that night, so I was a complete zombie the rest of the week.

It was a very good trip though - and neither David's mom nor I had to be put in the naughty corner even once! Maybe we will actually end up getting along... Stranger things have happened!

I slept about 12 hours on Friday night, which is very unusual for me - spent most of yesterday feeling dead. Oddly (or not), I felt much better last night after a few beers at a friend's bday party. Very nice bday party out in Greenwich - almost all female, which was a little odd (though, for better or worse, I can dish it with the best of the women! ;-) There was even a 1 year old there - she didn't drink much. And it was the first part I'd been to since I was about 8 that had a pinata (the bday girl is also a San Diegan). I have to say, it was the best pinata I've ever seen - no crappy Tootsie Rolls for us! No, it was full of Lindt chocolate, Cadburys, and other high-end candy. I llike that kinda pinata! It was a little dangerous breaking it, as the back yard was very (very) small and had one of those propane patio heaters. We opted not to have a blindfold - just as well since one person fell over and another broke the stick in two.

Today I cycled down to Brighton - only about 55 miles - I got up too late for a long ride. Still though, it's spring and beautiful (though very cold - hello? Spring?). And tomorrow back to work. Yuckypoo.

Cricket on a spring afternoon - how very English:

Windmill on the way to Brighton:

Oh yeah, and we had an election. One month of campaigning and now we have (maybe) someone with about as much charisma as cold oatmeal. And that's if Brown actually leaves. British politics is a strange things - not as much sleaze as American - but also not as amusing... Hmm.