Monday, 10 May 2010

It's Monday morning and all is crap...

Why can I never sleep on Sunday night? I lay there last night and tossed and turned for like two hours, somewhere between awake and asleep (that sort of twilight zone full of weird thoughts and general unpleasantness). This morning I could have slept fine, but no, my stupid alarm had other plans, so I feel pretty much like donkey dong. Yay, another week. I just checked the job ads, as I’m bored in this job (though, I guess I should be thankful I have a job in these dark and foreboding days). Anyway, nothing. Blah.

This morning’s ride in was more annoying than usual – got honked at by a truck (I gave him the finger as a helpful indicator that I heard him) and was cut off by another cyclist who didn’t bother to look before he turned. I shouted at him – I’m sure he felt just terrible. Or something.

I neglected to mention the animal count on yesterday’s ride… Three foxes, two deer and six rabbits – none of whom attacked me. It’s probably b/c they are nice tame British rabbits, rather than wild and crazy American swamp bunnies. I’m sure.

Anyway, I should probably look busy…

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