Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Curse this global warming - I'm cold!

Well it was another cold and crappy May day - I think we were in the low 50s maybe? I suppose the lsat time I remember it being so cold in May was when it snowed on Memorial Day in Minnesota, but you kind of expect stupid things like that there. The tulips are still blooming, the trees are still in 'spring mode', and there are still cherry blossoms (of course, the cherries here often get confused and bloom in December).

Our leaky roof has finally been fixed - in a rather half-assed manner, but fixed nonetheless. It was a very very slow leak in the back corner of the bedroom, enough to wet the ceiling and the wall, but not enough to actually drip on the floor. Still though, we have to have part of the ceiling ripped out, and there is mold behind the walls, which I am blaming for the wacko dreams David and I have been having every single night for the past several months (if it were just me, I'd be worried about my mental health, but both of us, seems environmental...). Ah, the wonders of rental living - I'm probably brain damaged now. Dur...

Anyway, that's the news today from Lake Dougbegone, where the women are tarts, the men are on the lam, and the children are special needs... ;-)

Oh, I forgot my latest thump-ow incident... Some bad person, not me, I'm sure, left my suitcase out in the way. Like a big dummy, I walked into it - not very hard, I didn't think, but apparently hard enough to bust my little toe. Yay! It's not too bad, but it did turn black and blue and hurts like a mo-fo (though, thankfully, I can still cycle). I suppose it doesn't help that I have simian toes (or 'hobbit feet') as Avi lovingly calls them (he's afraid of my feet). Anyway, I really just a hazard to myself and others. But, they do say, most accidents happen in the home (especially when I am involved). That's about my 6th toe to break in my life, and there is a big lump on my right foot where I dropped a butter knife on it a few years ago and it went into the bone. Yippy skippy!