Friday, 9 April 2010

Poussin - Tastes like Chicken!

So, we all went over to Paul and Ali's last night for dinner, along with two other friends of theirs. Paul is a certified 'foodie', and can go on ad nauseum about the magical powers of this that or the other spice to bring out the amazing flavour, texture, aroma, sensual experience of something that most other people would just consider yummy or gross. Anyway, as per usual, the food was fantastic and we rolled out of there feeling somewhere between a manatee and Oprah. We learned all about how the medieval rich folks like to stuff various animals into others to show how wealthy they were at banquets (here I was imagining something like a chinchilla stuffed into a badger stuffed into a pteradactyl or something...). One should have thoughts like those and eat that much food straight before bed. I had a rather vivid dream about being in the departures lounge, at the airport, getting ready to go to the USA. Some woman from customs was going through all our bags, looking for meat products made with brain material. She kept yelling at us for having food made with brain, and we kept asking, 'but how do we avoid food with brains?'. She finally got annoyed with us, said 'I don't have to take this anymore', and stormed out of the room, leaving me to ponder this awkward situation, along with the fact that David was poking me, my alarm was going off, and I had to pee. So, a great start to the day.

Anyway, it was a fairly non-eventful day - lots of boring busywork (we are in the middle of a restructure and have to do very important things like write essays about times that we've shown initiative, rather than getting on with actually showing some initiative. Local government at its finest...). Tomorrow I'm having a nothing day (well, a gym/run/see Alice in Wonderland day, and then an absurdly long bike ride on Sunday.

Hmm - what else - well, Robin is suffering greatly from his excess of fun last weekend - I do feel bad for him, but I have to admit there is some degree of me thinking 'dumbass'. Oh well - these things happen, and sometimes we learn... On the plus side, he can't ever say that I am not stoic... And that's about it - off to the bathroom now to look for some anti-barf meds for Patsy Poops-a-lot. It's all fun and games here in urban gay central! ;-)

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