Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pompeii Upon Thames

Well this is a fine mess. David and I were supposed to head to NYC tomorrow, but that ain't gonna happen. Stupid Iceland - first it wrecks the banks and then it wrecks our vacation. It could be worse though - at least we're just stuck at home - better than being stuck in some awful airport with no food or water. Anyway, we're rescheduled, at the moment, for Weds eve, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's not going to happen either, and we're just going to have to cancel. Stupid volcano. Actually, the funny thing is that in the TV newscasts, they don't mention the name a single time. I've not heard it once. The newspapers print it, but it looks completely unpronounceable. I suppose that is why it is just 'the volcano.'

We were supposed to have brilliant sunsets, but nothing so far. The sky has looked a bit dusty - polluted, really, and there is a light dust covering on all the cars, but nothing too spectacular. I mean, yes, I suppose it's not a very good idea to fly planes through the ash, but for all the mess it's causing, I think it should be a little more exciting on the ground - maybe not Yakima though - given that London can't cope with six inches of snow, I'm not too sure how it would deal with a foot of ash. Anyway, I guess we will just see what happens...

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