Monday, 8 June 2009

These Mondays keep occurring - I must look into having it...

And it’s Monday again. This does seem to happen like clockwork. I’ll have that looked into… Weekend was a bit of a mixed bag. I just ran errands on Saturday (and spent too much money, as usual). Paul and Ali came over on Saturday evening and we all blobbed out and watched Victor/Victoria. I love that movie – it really is just as camp as something that is very camp. David had, rather astoundingly, never seen it before. I do wonder sometimes if that boy is actually homosexual, or just a plant from the LDS church. The weather was absolutely crappy and horrible all weekend, and cold. I did, however, manage to get out cycling yesterday, but only made it 83 miles – wanted to do 100+. Sigh – tragic, I’m sure. I ended up having to stop 15 or 20 times to put on layers, take off layers, put on rain crap, take off rain crap. The temperature would vary 10 degrees within a couple of minutes, as it rained or threatened to rain. Oh, and my bike developed this hugely annoying squeak. I stopped in a gas station to try to find a small bottle of oil for some emergency oiling before I went insane. I ended up with a family jumbo size jug of WD40, complete with its own built-in applicator nozzle. Solved the squeak problem though, and it can now join the place of honor with the sundry other oil-based products languishing in the closet. Just as I got back to Brixton, which is always a downer at the end of any ride, the heavens opened, and a wet and generally grumpy Doug slogged into the house. Oh well.

And this morning was a Monday morning. I woke up late, after crappy sleep. Headed out late. Realized just as I got to the City that I had left my big lock at home. Had to shout at two stupid drivers. Locked the bike in the basement of Town Hall with a piece of dental floss (seat lock) – I’m very much hoping it will still be there (it probably will). Mr. Fat and Ugly was in my shower, so I had to trundle over to the next building to use the shower there. The water pressure decided to drop to zero somewhere about halfway through, so I got to try to rinse the water off with strategically placed drips. Nice. And the highlight of the day, so far, has definitely been the fat and obnoxious manager of the telecoms team shredding CDs in the paper shredder because he is just too lazy to break them himself. Maybe he could sit on them. So, it’s been an absolutely perfect Monday, and I have managed to accomplish just about dipshit at work, which is, admittedly, mostly my fault. Oh, I did manage to buy some new cycling shoes and pedals, which I think must count for something.

Maybe Tuesday will be a bit less retarded. We can only hope.

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