Friday, 22 May 2009

Out amongst my people...

I suppose that, as I work for local government and all, I am supposed to have an enlightened attitude towards the denizens of the great London Borough of Hackney. As if. The one thing I really do like about Hackney, however, is that I can almost always be guaranteed to see something odd or unusual at lunchtime. Today there was a woman talking to herself and walking along, holding her left breast (clothed still), and a man wearing a bib and with bandaids stuck all over his face. I also, quite unintentionally, shamed a woman into picking up a potato chip bag she had just dropped. I saw something fall off the back of the stroller she was pushing and mentioned she had dropped something. She picked it up quite quickly, and it was only then that I noticed what it was. Guess wandering around with my work ID tag on is useful for something! Actually, what I tend to think, walking around at lunchtime, is that having children should not be a right, b/c my God, some of these people! The number of people wandering around who seem to have no idea how to behave in society, or just don't give a shit, is simply amazing. I spend a lot of time just thinking, 'Oh, please don't breed!'. But they do, and their horrid shitty children end up knifing each other or pushing people (like me!) off of bicycles for no reason. Not sure whether I am becoming bitter, or just pragmatic. I certainly seemed to have dropped any pretense of blue-sky-thinking idealism somewhere along the way - probably in Harlem. Most people are, unfortunately, just crap, and I suppose I was just priviledged to have grown up amongst people who cared about something.

Yeah, bitter I think.

Anyway, it's a beautiful spring afternoon and all the bosses have gone home and I think I might just be forced to leave early as well. Shocking indeed.

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