Thursday, 21 May 2009

Knees are stupid

Well, I was correct in my thinking yesterday that I shouldn't have gotten out of bed. Coming home, walking up the stairs with my bike, my left knee (the one I hurt wrecking my car 12.5 years ago) did its stupid thing, and now it's super painful and a bit swollen. No running for a while. I have also accepted this time that I'm going to have to re-introduce leg exercises at the gym - that cycling only just doesn't cut it (and is probably contributing to the problem by leaving my legs unbalanced), and finally, I made an appointment with the GP so I can get a referral for sometime in 2015 to see a physiotherapist or knee person so he/she can tell me what I've been doing wrong all these years. Yay.

Thus, knees are stupid. I'm thinking of having my left knee replaced by a jacuzzi, or perhaps an Adirondack chair - I'm not sure yet.

I actually managed to do a little work today, in between feeling sorry for myself and grumpy about the world.

Stupid stupid grumble whine snivel.

Oh, I did want to mention that we're now in my fave time of the year, when twilight lasts for hours. For some reason I have yet to understand, in the summer, we don't really get a proper red sunset. I mean, yes, the sun sets and all (eventually), but once it does, the sky just gets very gradually darker and darker blue - a blue I don't think I've ever seen in CA, and that doesn't happen here in winter. Eventually, the sun moves around the northern horizon, as does the 'sunset', and, after a brief period of complete darkness, voila, there it is in the east again! I love summer nights here, and the northern sun glow (and yes, I understand why that is). I just don't get the funny sky color. Weird.

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