Wednesday 3 December 2008

Sleep is a good thing

Which is why I seem to avoid it at all costs. It's much more fun, I find, dragging my sorry, zombified ass around work pretending like I'm actually here and giving a crap about what anyone is saying. Every night it's the same story--I'll get home at a sensible time, not fart around on the Internet, get to bed, get to sleep, sleep 8 hours, and feel refreshed and alert in the morning--ready to face the world. Yeah, right. I remember sometime not that many years ago. Dad was talking about getting up at the crap of dawn so he could take the ferry over to Seattle and how glorious it was to see the sun rise. I made some snotnosed comment about how, if I got up and saw the sun in the sky, I was content that there was going to be another day, and I really didn't need to get up extra early to make sure. I'm a romantic at heart, I am. One of the good things about England in the winter (I use the term 'good' in its loosest possible sense) is that dawn happens usually sometime on a Thursday afternoon, unless it gets delayed in traffic, so I can usually be assured of not missing it.

And Steve is once again hacking up a lung behind me. I wonder if anyone would notice if he disappeared? Hmm... Must bring in Ipod with music to drown him out (since drowing itself is generally frowned upon). I'm going to join the Atari generation! :-)

Oh--funny story about the sorts of things one can end up doing when not paying attention ('one', in this case, being 'me'). I usually change from my cyclewear to work clothing in the shared floor toilet. I used to change in the cubicles, but decided that was a bit nasty and have taken to just changing out in the middle of the open floor. Usually, I do this in bits, thus preserving some minor sense of modesty (ha). Today, however, I was daydreaming (or, rather, very tired), and suddenly realized that I was standing in the middle of the council toilet with no clothing on whatsoever. Luckily, no one walked in--but that would have been slightly embarrassing... And they say that growing up next to a bunch of nudies isn't a corrupting influence!


Well, I just got an appointment for David and me to do our Indefinite Leave application at the Home Office on 14th Jan. I was just about to pee myself on the phone just talking to the Home Office--really not looking forward to that appointment--it's very scary presenting one's entire life to someone and being asked to be allowed to stay. Sigh.

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