Monday 8 December 2008

Disease and pestilence

Well, it must be winter, because I feel like I've come to work in some sort of plague-house. Coughing and hacking, nose blowing, red eyes, excessive soup consumption. I'm trying to think healthy thoughts and eat lots of vitamin C.

Spent the day working on a colorable kids-map of the London Olympics venues. Have to say, I never thought I'd be making colorable maps, but there ya go. I actually worked most of the day today, rather than checking the news and weather in 56 different countries--repeatedly, just in case they got more interesting. Had my usual lunchtime foray to Tesco to marvel at the general level of weirdness that is Hackney at lunchtime. (At least Hackney is full of both horrible and weird people, whereas Enfield was just generally full of horrible people--I'm moving up in life, I suppose).

Had a lovely and non-eventful weekend. Saturday, the most exciting things I did involved going to the supermarket, going for a coffee, and going for a run. Oh--we also watched Dark Knight, which I really enjoyed. Have to admit that I particularly enjoyed the joker blowing up the hospital--for one because it was just so ridiculously over the top, but also because the Joker seems to run like Robin--hands out to the side, vaguely penguin-like. Oh, and a freaky thing happened... David and I always seem to share thoughts, so I'm pretty used to that, but this weekend, while cooking dinner, I started to hum 'Feed the Birds'--from Mary Poppins (freaky on it's own...)--totally out of the blue. Apparently, Robin had been humming that song earlier in the day, on the other side of the city. Neither one of us actually heard the song, nor hummed it while the other was around. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K when multiple members of a household start humming that song. Another friend suggested that perhaps the USAF should strafe the neighborhood before it gets ouf of hand and takes over South London. Probably a prudent idea.

I went for a bike ride yesterday around London. I just headed off towards the southwest and made as many turns as I possibly could, to see what little dinky streets I might end up on. I think those are my fave types of rides--getting completely lost and then having to work at unlosting myself (that is a word, I'm sure).

Oh, and I subjected Robin to The News from Lake Wobegon. He actually laughed several times, though protesting that he couldn't understand the point of such non-directed story-telling. Silly boy he is...

And I'm off (like a prom dress...). :-)

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Katherine Plumer said...

Strangely, you would not believe how often that little Feed the Birds ditty finds its way into my head. :-0