Thursday 4 December 2008

A New Hatching

So, I've finally figured out the lifecycle, I think, of terminally stupid people. Every time it rains here (which is quite often--go figure), there seem to appear quite a number of slugs and snails crawling around on the sidewalks. Quite a number of them get mushed or eaten by birds, but a number of them, I am convinced, survive. I've never quite understood where they go, however, as they seem to disappear usually within a few hours. This morning though, while avoiding some nice woman in a hatchback in a roundabout (who was the happy recipient of some of my better-driving advice), I finally made the connection. Our slimy mollusk friends are sliming, at breakneck speed (they don't have spines, so it doesn't take much to be breakneck) towards the nearest car, so that they may take their rightful place behind the steering wheel to cause havoc on London's rain-slicked roads. See, it never made sense that in this city, where it rains about 395 days per year, the slightest hint of moisture on the road could cause total and utter gridlock and generally ridiculous behaviour, but it does follow, logically speaking, if the offending drivers are, in fact, the adult phases of slugs and snails. Maybe tomorrow I will figure out why the city falls over completely if there is even the slightest suggestion of snow.

Speaking of snow... while the rest of the country had a 'severe blizzard' with at least several inches of snow, London had a snowflake. Literally. And even this was enough to screw up traffic. Apparently, a traffic-lane sized Christmas decoration snowflake fell into the street in Kensington and wrecked the morning commute--thus proving, once again, that London can't cope with snow.

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