Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Like, OMG, I am so sure!

So, yesterday I pretty much proved to myself that I haven't moved much past 12 year old girl phase when it comes to close proximity to hunky men in very little clothing.  I went to change in the locker room at the gym and this bit muscley Italian guy starts changing right next to me - strips off to nothing but his tight little red underwear.  I, being infinitely unflappable, entirely maintained my cool while putting on my tank top.  All went entirely well - lots of coolness points - until I managed to put my head through the arm hole of the tank top.  Shit shit shit - reverse reverse reverse!  Trying so very hard to not look like I was a complete spaz, I back off the shirt and manage to stick my head through the other arm hole.  AHHHHHH!!!!  Oh god just please let the ground open up and swallow me now!  Well, I'm sure he was completely overwhelmed as well - so much that he wasn't able to show his - overwhelmedness.  Yeah.  Anyway, I have some nice stamps in my stamp book!  Sigh.

I felt slightly better when, cycling home, some numbnuts cycling down the sidewalk darts out into the street, nearly hits me, ends up running along on top of his bike and then runs his groin into the headset.  "Idiot", I say, as I cycle off, on the road, feeling slightly smug.  Almost made up for being a complete numbnuts.  Almost.

Anyway, I have started trying to put over all the handover documents at work for my leaving.  I've got a month to do this and, honestly, it really doesn't feel like long enough.  So many things to finish!


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Jonathan said...

as long as none of those docs are coming my way Doug.

Good luck with the new job btw - splendid - surely nearer to home, and easier to cycle to, without having to cross the river.

tank tops are so difficult to put on the right way round first time... ;)