Friday, 21 September 2012

I'm here!

Wow. I can't actually quite believe I made it in one piece. I'm achey and tired and do actually physically need some time off my bike, but there is a very big part of me that wants to keep going. I guess thats why I scheduled another trip so soon! I've learned that I really (really) like long bike trips. I've also learned that about 70 miles per day is optimal. 100 is too much, and 2 days of 100 just ridiculous. No time to stop. It kind of all just becomes a blur. My approximate miles, per day, were 22, 95, 90, 68, 48, 75, 75, 101, 95. Today was really a labour of love, especially as it was getting dark before I got to Berlin. Berlin, like London, is ringed by endless suburbs, but unlike London, I have no idea how to navigate through them, so when my intricately planned route suddenly said no bikes, I was left to try to find my way through winding suburban streets and bike trails as the light was fading. Just a little stressful. The last 5 miles or so, through Berlin, I was trying to cycle like a bat out of hell to get here before the batteries in my GPS scrapped out. I gave up trying to be legal and follow the bike lanes. Too bumpy and too dark. Anyway, today was mostly flat, and increasingly brown, I suppose in part bc they are having a drought here. Miles of forest, pine and locust. A funny combo. Quite a number of cute towns, and also some real ramshackle places. I'd not seen that before. Also more of the dreaded cobbles. Honestly, how anyone thought that was a good idea... At the moment though, I'm so tired I'm going to start to drool, so I think it's time for bed. Berlin stuff tomorrow, and just biking around town. What, you thought I was going to take the Metro? Hardly. I'm still have tempted to do the last 55 miles to Poland on Saturday morning... Will see. Zzzzzz.

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