Saturday, 29 September 2012

And we're off!

So, I have assumed my usual position, travelling backwards on the train. This time it's Milan via Paris, bc I am just such a jet setter I can't possibly stay at home for more than a week at a time! It was kind of an odd week, sandwiched, as it was, between two bike adventures. I suppose I might not have put my full concentration and effort into work (not like anyone noticed! ;-) ). Anyway, I just barely barely made the 0731 Eurostar this morning, arriving at St Pancras only 15 minutes before the train, thanks to a missed train from home! Big flurry of activity whisking me and bagged bike through security and passport control, which saved me having to cancel the whole thing and hang my head in shame! So, now I'm on the quiet car, next to some irritating Frenchman who can't put down his phone and some bespectacled fatass who sounds like he probably has Ebola. Yeah, it's an auspicious beginning to the trip!

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