Thursday, 17 September 2009

The things one sees...

when on a bike... Today it was not one, not two, but three people cycling with their helmets hanging from their handlebars. Purely in the interest of science, I want to push them over to see if they can get their helmets on before their head hits the pavement. I wonder if I could get funding for that?

I've spent the day working on an Access query, as well as the directions on how to do said Access query. This is how exciting my life is. Actually, the query has been kind of fun and challenging. But writing the directions... I would rather watch paint dry, or perhaps even write in my blog!

Oh, I peeked into the 'Multi Faith' room in the basement of Town Hall. Multi faith, in this case, seems to mean Muslim, as no one else in this country really could be bothered with needing a room. It was divided into two sections, with a partition in the middle. I assume that one section is the boys, and one is the girls. Apparently they can't touch, look at each other or have thoughts about cheese danishes (apple danishes are fine) or the universe ends, or something like that. I might be a bit fuzzy on my religious doctrine there. I did notice, however, that while the rugs on the floor are all generally lined up Meccaward, they aren't quite even with each other. I wonder if one gets less praying power if the rug is misaligned? Which reminds me, the guy I saw a while ago praying repeatedly on the plane - he put his tray table down, put down a pillow, and prayed away. He was, however, pointed towards London. Perhaps the city has seen fit to use some sort of complex mirror or radio transmitter to point the prayers in the right direction, for the aid of Heathrow bound travelers? This really is all very confusing to me - probably not something worth repeating around a lot at work... ;-)

Oh, one other very exciting and useful thing I discovered is that the GoreTex lined, 'waterproof' cycling shoes are actually designed to keep the water in, rather than out - I suppose a bit like a wet suit. I got stuck in pouring rain just the other day on my bike, and actually had water pooled in my shoes, which I had to dump out. I suppose it didn't occur to me when I bought them that water hitting my legs will tend to run down, and my feet are actually not hermetically sealed in my shoes. Dur!

And finally - something that has been oddly inspirational to me the past few days... Eddie Izzard, 'action transvestite' comedian extraordinaire, with only five weeks' training, managed to run 43 marathons in 51 days to raise money for some charity (that part's boring).

I have to say that I find it truly amazing that someone could do that - especially someone so damn funny as he is! (I saw him once, live, in Edinburgh, 16 years ago, and I think we have a DVD of him somewhere). Anyway - I just thought I would share that...

And, ooh look, it's almost time to go! Fabulous!

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