Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday follies...

And it's late on a Friday afternoon, and I've been about as productive as, well, tapioca on a hot tin roof (that's not very productive, in case you were wondering). This whole week has been very much a 'blah' week. In large part, I've yet to recover on sleep from the trip. I really needed a day of doing nothing after I got back, which, of course, has not happened. So, instead, I've sat here, bleary eyed, in front of this damn computer, trying to pretend like I'm busy, but actually either staring into space or checking the latest news in... Australia... (I've heard it's September there too...).

David gets back today from Italy, which his mom in tow. We're all going for a bday dinner tonight at a restaurant Paul recommended (northern Chinese cuisine, which I hope doesn't much resemble the 'Chinee Foo' we all know and love). We're being risque then and going as a group (including Karen) to the local gay bar in Islington. I think it's a suitably mom-friendly bar. If not, I'm sure she will be able to use the experience in her therapy (that she gives, not receives).

Tomorrow I get my teeth cleaned (woohah!) and Sunday I might go for a bike ride. Karen's off on a 9am flight back to the US, which means she is going to have to leave at some ungodly early hour. I think I will say goodbye to her the night before.

Anyway, slow news day... Oh, but I should mention now that it's feeling autumnal, the number of pricks on bikes seems to be dropping. They really do seem to be weather weenies. Thank God for that!

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