Monday, 27 April 2009

Tinkle tinkle little star...

Why do people insist on whistling in the toilet? I think that should be a capital crime! I mean, there I am, trying to do my business, and some numbnuts comes in whistling some obnoxious song, or, more likely, starts whistling the moment he whips out his schlong. Is he afraid of hearing the soft tinkle of, well, his tinkle? I just want to shout out, but that would probably be construed as weird.


On Friday, I, who never have any Friday evening activities, had not one, but three places I had to be. Like a bus – nothing for ages, then three come along. So, first I went to a works drink at London Fields, where I sat around for the designated time with by boss and his boss (since no one else bothered to show). Oh, forgot to mention I’d just found out I got the third flat tire in as many weeks. So I ran over to the bike store to purchase a new tire, tube and rim liner. Nothing says I’m a dork quite like walking into a crowded pub with a bike tire.

Second event – Chinese dinner near Elephant for Adrian’s bday. Very yummy food, but the only problem is that it was about 5 miles from Hackney, and my tire would only go about a mile before it needed to be reinflated. So, there I am, wearing the new tire like a necklace, furiously pumping up the old tire with my stupid little micro-pump. I get to dinner in not the best mood, but survive the trip.

Bike goes home after that on the train, b/c I’m not having any more of farting around with the tire on darkened streets. I take the train back into town for Ben’s drinks. Ben is absolutely blitzed. So blitzed, in fact, that he sticks belly button lint down the top of my shirt while I’m talking to someone else, then tries to stick my hand into said belly button. I still have the fingernail mark on the back of one of my knuckles when I resisted that nearly irresistible invitation. Nice.

Saturday was lots of errands, bike and otherwise, then a lovely dinner with David at this steak place at Borough Market.

Yesterday I headed out, supposedly to Cambridge on my bike. I got a bit sidetracked by the Marathon, then by hanging out with Michelle in Enfield, so my 65 mile ride to Cambridge turned into a 90 mile loop around north and west London. London is a very big city. My heinie hurts slightly today, but not so bad, all things considered. Perhaps I should try cracking a walnut with it. Perhaps not.

Oooh look, time to go!

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