Friday, 17 April 2009

Auntie Dougie

Well, I'm a little behind on the times here I suppose. However, given that I only actually manage to write in here when I'm at work, pretending to look busy, I suppose it isn't too bad. I was made aware of the happy arrival of little Kylie Esperanto (they really shouldn't have given her a name that so lends itself to me butchering it...) by text message on the 15th, after I sent a helpful email to Lindsey that she was just being greedy still being pregnant - just wanted to have her own seat on the bus, that sort of thing. We had to do this stupid personality analysis at work, and mine said I shouldn't work with sensitive people. I told them to shove it... ;-) Anyway, I'm not sure I've entirely processed this information that I'm an uncle, and that my baby brother who I so loved to beat up (until he was bigger than me anyway) actually popped out a child (well, technically, I suppose Lindsey did that, but let's not get hung up on small details).

I can't wait to meet her, though, honestly, I'm a little anxious about the whole thing. I know about as much about babies as I do about Chinese grammar, and as far as I know, Chinese grammar doesn't poop. On the plus side, it means that my little scientific experiment 25 or so years ago involving the electric fence and Jonathan peeing on it hasn't caused any lasting ill effects.

Actually, I woke up from a dream I think about 1 hour before Chloe was born that was a bit odd (though I do seem to have very interesting and oddly relevant dreams quite often...) I dreamt that I was on top of this mountain, and I wanted to get to the bottom. The only way down was down this very narrow, spiral staircase that descended into the mountain. Jonathan and Lindsey were ahead of me, leading the way, and Jonathan had a flashlight. I was following behind, trying to keep up, wearing flipflops that kept falling off, and I was afraid of falling down the stairs. The staircase was unlit, save for the topmost bits, and as I descended, it kept getting darker and darker - I was really trying to keep up, but was having a terrible time doing so. Hmm.

Speaking of babies, someone brought in her new baby to work today (still had that new baby smell and everything!). The women generally took turns passing her around like a small pink party favour, while the guys did their best to look busy.

Anyway, oh look - it's time to leave... :-)

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