Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Biking to Glory

And we're back.

Today was the third day of my big bold plan to boldly get up in the morning as no one has gotten up before. Monday was the first day (I suppose that's rather obvious...). Anyway - I got up Monday morning, all ready to head out into the new day on my bicycle. Only problem was that my back tire had gone flat. Great. So I ran instead, just to say I'd done something. Yesterday I cycled - actually really enjoyed it - and really really enjoyed not having to do it after work in the dark. This morning I woke up about 615 (not happy about that), but persevered nonetheless - headed out on my bike into the pouring rain. Another cyclist nearly flattened me as I was turning left - he thought it was a good idea, apparently, to zip between me and the curve as I turned. I offered him a few kindly suggestions on his technique... All goes smoothly then until, 2 miles from Hackney - pfftzzzzzz - a very small but very sharp piece of glass lodges in my front tire, tearing it to shreds (thankfully no blowout), and I get to walk the last two miles to work (and the bike store) in the rain. Yay! The bike store, which had just recommended the previous tires to me only a few weeks ago (as being more puncture resistant than my goold old standby Armadillo tires), replaced them both, charging me for just one tire and no labor. I think they were embarrassed - b/c 2 flats in 2 tires in 3 days does not speak well towards the manufacturer's grandiose claims of puncture resistance...

However, drama aside, I think I really like this whole business about cycling in the morning (more than just the 7.5 miles to work). Given that I've not had much sleep this week, I've ended up feeling pretty awake and alive, and I get to feel virtuous in the morning when I'm out on my bike in the rain. I'm probably weird and need counseling.

Oh, I did see a Reliant Robin this morning, which always amuses me. Why anyone ever thought this car was a good idea, I'm not sure. They do look quite dorky going around a corner at high speeds, wobbling about... I want one.

Anyway, not much else really to write today. I've been using the day (sans bosses at work) to catch up on those very important work related things like writing letters. Might clean my desk now so that it looks like I've actually gotten something accomplished. I love working in government!

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