Monday 20 April 2009

Monday yarfiness

Blah. It must be Monday. I had a completely healthy and happy weekend – biked to Brighton on Saturday – the weather was perfect, the flowers all blooming – one of those days that makes one happy to be living in England in the springtime. Watched a high-budget/low-plot movie Saturday night with Avid, Robin and David– ‘Babylon AD’. It says a lot when the high point of the movie was a brief glimpse of Vin Diesel’s tits. We are a sad bunch we are. We just sort of puttered about London yesterday – biked out to Kew to be annoyed at horrible upper middle class families and their offspring – we had a lovely time sitting in the sunshine outside Starbucks (we couldn’t find our Kew cards, so that was as close as we got). And then today I wake up and feel like an elephant has farted on my head. Sore throat, general blah-i-ness, excessive amounts of whining. I should have just gone out and partied – probably would have felt better. Still though, I’ve drunk almost a litre of orange juice – must be something good in that!

Went to the world’s shittest Tesco at lunch, full of the usual splendour that is Hackney. All the random London weirdoes and ragamuffins portrayed in movies and TV – some of the stock Sherlock Holmes characters – they all seem to frequent the Hackney Tesco at lunchtime. Anyway, this supermarket seems to have quit stocking salad dressing entirely. When I asked about salad dressing, I was directed to the aisle with the spaghetti sauce. Yeah – almost the same thing. However, one can buy one’s very own Sauvignon Blanc grapevine. That’s right – where would today’s eco-conscious Hackney wino be without his very own mini-vineyard! I’m waiting for them to start selling hops, so I can grow my own Special Brew.

Not much else on really, and I suppose I should do some work. How dull.

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