Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday evening stitch and bitch

Well, I suppose not much stitch - mostly bitch, and not really much of that.  OK, I just needed a title.

David and I had a nice day today - we spent the day walking from here to Dulwich for Sunday lunch.  The weather held out right until the end, at which point it settled into a fairly heavy piddle (not quite pouring rain).  We spent much of the time peering into different people's front gardens - hmm, how do they do their plants - how do they utilise their space?  Ooh, isn't that a nice Japanese maple, and look at that fuchsia!  God, I'm becoming middle aged and middle class.  The walk was capped off by a trip to the garden centre (of course), where we picked up a new doormat and 8kg of pelletised chicken shit.  It's good stuff, that chicken shit - both for fertilising the plants (and not requiring us to use our now outlawed hose to spread Miracle Grow), and for getting vans unstuck from ice.  Also, nothing says romantic walk like 8kg of chicken shit. ;-)

Leonel popped by this evening - finally managed to get the stupid bike tyre back on my old bike - I certainly couldn't do it.  Yeah, that was good for my manhood - can't even change a tyre.  Sigh.

Anyway, time to get my lunch ready for tomorrow - another fun Monday morning.  Yippydoo!

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