Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dia del Salud. Oh yeah, and Christmas and Boxing Day

So, I was feeling a bit overfed today, not so surprising, considering that I had two Christmas meals on Christmas Day, not to mention a large meal yesterday (Boxing Day). So yeah, feeling a bit overfed today, so I thought, hmm, let's go for a bike ride and go to the gym. It was a lovely bike ride - 66 miles out to Windsor and back, plus the gym after. Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit tuckered out at the moment. But less overfed (of course, I just ate leftover turkey and am about to go hunt for some pumpkin pie). The pumpkin pie came from Whole Foods, in Kensington. It was about $16 and not very big. Kensington though, is a very rich area full of many Americans. What this means is that it actually has a really good supermarket, selling really good things like pumpkin pie, at many times their real price. Anyway, it was yummy.

Christmas was very nice - got up at a sensible hour, went for a nice run through the (relatively) empty streets. Then the three of us cycled 9 miles out to Chiswick to meet George and Neale (driving in from Slough) for the world's most expensive lunch (something like $130 each). It was actually pretty tasty, but still... Anyway, we went for a post lunch consitutional around St. James' Park after that in the failing light (me with a very nearly failing bladder, not improved by the fact that they had just closed the toilets). Then it was back here for presents and Christmas dinner - a whole traditional extravaganza cooked by Robin. Leonel came over for that, and we finally ate (a whole lot of) food about 10pm (and had a whole lot of mulled wine - also made by Robin). Not a bad day to spend Christmas.

Yesterday, Boxing Day, we went over to Paul and Ali's, along with about 12 other people, for a whole lot more food - didn't get back here until late last night.

So, yeah, a whole lot of food and a whole lot of people. Back to work tomorrow for three days - I'm hoping very much for it to be quiet.

Hmm - new camera doesn't seem to come with a cable that allows me to connect it to the computer. Charming - that means I'll have to wait on those pics. A few from my phone though...

Sometimes I have this dream I am being watched by sheep...

Our little window friend...

Aaahhhh! Alien invasion!!!!!

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

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Jan Blawat said...

I had the same dilemma with my new camera until a Mac guy pointed out there are slots on both my iMac and iBook to just put the camera's memory card into. I don't need a cable. Check it out. Or be like most of the PC owners I know who keep thousands of pix on their cameras because they can't figure out how to get them out (why do they do that?).