Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"The Storm Door is Open"

Yeah, that's one of those things that weather people should never say. In part, this is just b/c it sounds stupid, but also b/c it pretty much guarantees no rain, ever again... Here, the Met Office just announced that parts of England are officially in drought, with other parts, including here, "near drought". So, what does it then do? Pees it down, of course. We've had loads of rain the past few days - a good thing, for sure, but kind of amusing, nonetheless.

Our, um, "wildflower garden" is generally green, at this point (except for back in catshit corner). David and I went to the garden centre yesterday and purchased a bunch of little flowers to fill in the holes. My general idea was to get things that looked like they would fit in a weed, I mean wildflower garden, whereas David had his heart set on begonias. Yeah, those look right at home in a wildflower garden, sitting there and screaming out, "I'm a begonia, look at me in my pinkness!" I upset David by weeding the whole thing - upset him because, as far as he is concerned, they all look like plants (plant identification is not his strong suit). Anyway, if we are lucky, but sometime in the autumn we should actually have a flower or two out there!

I was supposed to finally go for a long bike ride this weekend - the first time since the end of April, but yesterday was gardening and today it rained all day. My poor lonely (and pretty much all new) bike is just sitting here, upset that it's not being used. Sigh.

Not really much going on at the moment - still trying to find a more exciting and better paying job, and slowly slowly slowly getting the house in order. Robin is off in town somewhere and David has parked his butt on the sofa to watch original Star Trek (which makes Robin retch - he is much more of a Voyager kiind of guy - much more realistic, you know... ;-) I had a very exciting day going for a run and going to the gym. Went to GNC as well to look for some new protein powder. The very lovely man who works there gave me some huge spiel on this amazing new protein powder they had, made with real glutamine, angel wings and fairy dust, and imported from America - America even! Land of beautiful people and endless opportunity (and cheap gyms). I heard something like "blah blah blah £24". Yep, sold to one silly American b/c you wore him down with your technical talk (actually, to be honest, it sounded like he swallowed the brochure - I just managed to resist saying as such, as he was, after all, pretty. Is that shallow? Probably. Anyway, the powder only tastes vaguely barf inducing (it's chocolate - I imagine the strawberry would have been just unbearable).

Yep, it's been a pretty important day... ;-)


Jan Blawat said...

I see someone had a bike ride for naked people recently in the UK. Does it get that warm there?

dougzilla said...

It does actually - summer is usually prett nice here. And yeah, we have the Naked Bike Ride every summer. I keep meaning to go and I keep missing it. Pity really. Nothing like riding one's bike butt naked through central London with a police escort, I'm sure! ;-0