Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow, and the Healing Power of Chicken Shit

So, I spent a fun and exciting day vacuuming up brick dust over at the house. David and Robin went off to Ikea to load up on about £8million worth of household goods. We got about four inches of snow today. The various transport bosses actually had the chutzpah to say they handled the snow well this time. Hmm - lets see - nothing was salted, so all the smaller roads are skating rinks. The airports are closed. The trains aren't running. I managed to fall flat on my ass, and Robin got the van stuck. Fortunately, we have a very large bucket of chicken shit pellets. David was pretty sure that cardboard under the wheels would get the rear-wheel drive van unstuck, but nope - it was the chicken shit.


Katherine Plumer said...

A bucket of chicken shit pellets? Somehow this doesn't compute. Why would you have that? And since when did anyone make pellets out of chicken shit? Any why? And how did that not simply make a muddy stinky mess?

dougzilla said...

We have a bucket of dried, pelletized chicken shit - we use it for the plants. It's the consistency of alfalfa pellets (actually doesn't smell - not sure what they've done with it). It didn't turn to mud b/c it's freezing outside, so it just acted as a bit of grit under the back tires. We'd tried cardboard before that and they just shot out behind the van (and this was while we were pushing - nothing as exciting as large sheets of cardboard flying at one from the back of a non-moving vehicle!

Jan Blawat said...

Cat litter also works for this purpose. Better to use it right out of the bag, though, not AFTER the cat uses it, because of the "flying at one" effect.