Monday, 17 August 2009

This post is brought to by Chafe-Ease

Ah, its tea tree oil splendor to salve my poor chafed bum. And why, pray tell, is your bum so chafed, my good man? Ah, because I cycled 101 miles yesterday, and my delicate skin seems to be my weakest link. Jolly good, sir!

Anyway, I decided that as I hadn't yet had a chance to break the century mark this summer (did it twice last summer), yesterday seemed like the day to do it. So, I cycled out in a big loop to the south and west of London (including the lovely village of Touchen End). David met me in Windsor, to cycle the 33 miles back from there. He said he really liked meeting me at the end of a long ride, b/c I was too tired to go speeding on ahead. Oh ha ha. The ride actually went surprisingly well, and I'm not actually that sore today, save for my delicate posterior. My bike computer thingie said I burned 5737 calories as well - not bad!

Anyway, it's pretty much your typical Monday today (meaning that I'm tired and couldn't give a rat's ass...). I think my mind has already gone into holiday mode, and I'm thinking about all the things I have to do before Robin and I set off on Sunday.


Anyway, that was pretty exciting.

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