Friday, 17 July 2009


Ugh what a stupid day. I’ve spent my day sending back and forth emails b/c of some stupid mapping project that a Local Councillor wants, to show investment made by the council, basically so that she can look good to her constituents. Of course, b/c a Councillor wants it, we have to jump and do it right away, even though the project is a big load of crap and shouldn’t really come before other, more relevant projects. Polish boss-woman is running around like a chicken minus head, b/c her boss (who reminds me a bit of one of the aliens in Mars Attacks) wants it and wants it now. People really do get worked up over the silliest things.

Anyway – I get to fix both of David’s tires tonight – someone put a hole in one of them when he had the bike parked in the West End. I made fun of him for saying that he would take it to the store and get it fixed, so, of course, now I get to fix it. Yay.

Which reminds me – said hole came while we were finally meeting our total-fag hag landlady for the first time – not at all how I imagined her (kind of frumpy woman, blue shortish dress, Birks…, melodious Edinburgh brogue).

Robin is off in Paris having his internal organs rearranged (he does that a lot).

I’m going to have a very exciting evening of gym, supermarket and haircutting. Schlepping lumber for a few hours tomorrow morning for Avi b/c I was stupid and didn’t say no. Maybe a movie tomorrow night, then a big bike ride on Sunday. I suppose one of these days I should do something cultural as well.

And, I’m so bored at the moment I actually ran out of things to talk about – maybe I will go examine my elbow or something, as it’s 521 on a Friday and I certainly can’t do any work…

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