Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Maps coming out my ears

Ah - the end of another suspiciously productive day. Suspiciously I say b/c I've actually been hard at work all day, but don't seem to have a lot to show for it. Funny how that goes. Made a map for a very annoying estate surveyor. He kept calling and pestering me about it. He would have gotten it about a day earlier had he not been doing that. Forced me to go all local government on him...Mmmhmm! The local bike store wants me to make a great big map of Hackney to put in their front window. I'm really pleased they want me to do this, but, of course, have run right into stupid map licensing issues, given that all map data in this silly little country is controlled by Ordnance Survey, and they are suing people left and right who dare to use mapping data without paying for it properly... So, I'm looking for a clever and entirely legal way around this, which I might have found by tying the map into the Government's 'Cycle to Work' scheme. Very clever - and promoting council and environmental interests as well! I'm learning how to play the bureaucratic game. How very scary indeed.

Went for a lovely 62 mile bike ride on Sunday out west of London. I'm mapping all my rides with my new Garmin toy. One of these days I will figure out how to convert everything to .kml files so I can put them onto Google Earth... I had my lunch in a tumbledown graveyard in the not very exciting town of Chertsey. I used a tombstone as my picnic bench. David thinks this is macabre, but given that most of the graves seem to have just sat around doing nothing since the mid 1800s, it seemed a good recycling use of material. I also had to take a leak in the graveyard - tried to find a place that wasn't right over someone's grave - didn't want to get pulled under or anything scary like that.

No, I'm not a weirdo - I just play one on TV.

Anyway, not much else to report really - suppose I should get out of here and head to the gym so I can be buff und huge (giggle!).

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