Sunday 27 January 2013

Back in the Room...

And we're back.  I suppose I haven't written anything for months in part because there haven't been a lot of huge life-changing events, in part because I've sort of felt like I have been waiting for something to happen and in part because it got to the point where I felt like I couldn't write anything because I had just too much to say (despite nothing happening).  I did actually write up a few pages from the Alabama trip, but they are currently sitting in a notebook, waiting to be transcribed.  I suppose that is vaguely ironic.  So is life.

Anyway, waiting for life.  I have this recurrent dream that I am trying to get somewhere - usually somewhere far away.  Often I am trying to take the Tube (or, at least, my own version of the Tube - far more complicated than the actual Tube).  Sometimes I am trying to drive - usually on some stretch of the same, interconnected group of highways I seem to have in my mind.  Usually there is snow.  Sometimes it is urban.  Usually I am barefoot.  Lately I have been having some version of this dream almost every night.  Every night it is different, but every night it is the same theme - trying to get somewhere far away using the most inefficient method possible, unprepared.  I've decided that this is work related - feeling like I am trying to get ahead to some unspecified better location while feeling unprepared. How many jobs have I applied for over the past few years (admittedly, most of them pretty half-heartedly, as I really didn't know why I was applying).  But - I have actually had one interview and am scheduled for a second interview for a GIS team leader job that I really want and that I think I could do quite well.  So - maybe, just maybe.  I've actually worn a suit.  I, who still can't manage to tie a tie properly, voluntarily gussied myself up in a suit.  Stranger things have happened, though I'm not too sure what.  I think it's the first job I've applied to in the past few years that I thought - yeah, I could do this, and yeah, I could actually make a big difference to this team.  I just have to be able to project that, rather then undermining myself in the interview, which is what usually happens when I manage to actually get that far!

I was back on my bike today - 72 miles from here to Ashford.  I mean, I've been cycling, but I've not actually been on a long ride for maybe a month and a half.  Between being away and then the weather being shit it just didn't happen.  Not too surprisingly, I've managed to pick up a few pounds, which I am now absolutely determined to get rid of (though more cycling and running - hell, I am not giving up on chocolate and cake - don't be silly!).  I've started cooking up my big rides for the summer already - definitely want to cycle to Andermatt for my 40th (not sure where I will start though - part of me wants to go from here, but the more realistic part of me thinks I should start in Munich or something a lot closer) and David and I have talked about a combined camping (RV), hiking and biking (David mostly hiking and me mostly biking) trip between Tromso and Hammerfest at the end of August.  I figure - we've been to the southernmost city in Europe.  Might as well balance it out with the northernmost as well!

So, I guess I've been being pretty blah lately, hence not wanting to do anything or write anything or try to move my life forward, but I've gotten bored with that now.

So - back in the room!

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