Monday 28 February 2011

Brick dust, how I hate you...

Brick dust. I’d never really given it much thought before. I never thought, hmm, bricks are made out of clay, and clay consists of really teeny weeny little particles, which, when they become airborne, can find their way just about anywhere. Fortunately, they are usually safely locked up within bricks, but under certain conditions, such as when the planets are aligned, the moon is waxing poetic, and a builder whacks the crap out of a brick wall, they can be freed – freed to sow chaos and drape their milky white sheen on all they touch.

So, yeah, lots of brick dust.

The bathroom is coming along slowly. I am slightly amazed that we seem to be sticking a toilet, a sink, and a shower into a space smaller than a Smart car. There will be no fat people allowed in this bathroom, apparently.

The back yard continues to look as if a giant mole has been digging through it, and David has removed the back part of the decking. He’s supported the now-exposed beams by smushing some concrete underneath it, between the decking and the paving stones underneath. You’d think that when they put in the decking, they would have sunk posts into the ground to add some stability, but then, you would have underestimated the general uselessness of the (very gay) people living in the house before us. Why actually spend a little more money and do the deck properly when you can do it on the cheap, make it look pretty, sell the house, and then leave it to the poor suckers who bought the place to discover you did a crap job? Stupid homosexuals anyway! (Am I detecting hypocrisy? Eh? What? Sorry, my hearing aid seems to have stopped working). Anyway, David discovered one of those little life lessons yesterday, namely that you shouldn’t mix concrete with your bare hands (did he not see the big warning labels on the bag? Sigh). And in true nerd-fashion, I have started to map out the potential new garden using Visio, so that we can get all the dimensions correct before we buy the plants and turn our back garden into something out of a garden book. (I’m sure). We all have slightly different ideas of what we want though. David has this idea that it would be great to have super-trimmed, conical shrubbery along the kitchen, where I ripped out much of the ivy. Um, yuck? I want a garden cascading over with life and greenery, making our back yard feel like a little oasis in the middle of the city. Maybe I will allow David the side area to do his stupid cones so I can concentrate on the main part. Not sure what Robin wants, b/c he keeps buggering off every single weekend to be with Prince Charming (granted, it’s not his house, but for someone with as strong opinions about plants as he has, you’d think he be being a little more proactive). I’m half tempted to do the whole thing up in orange marigolds and pink hollyhocks just for the shock value to Robin, who, like David, wants order. Ugh – gardening Nazis the both of them!

Not a lot else at the moment – just the end of winter. My itchy eyes say spring, and there are a few timid leaves peeking out, with the crocuses and the occasional daffodil… I still haven’t gone back to normal spring biking though. I almost went for a nice long ride yesterday, but got as far as central London before getting a flat tire and then getting stuck in pouring rain. Feeling slightly disenchanted with the whole thing, I went and got some lesbian coffee and chocolate cake (at a lesbian café, not actually made with lesbians – not sure how that would taste). Anyway, it cheered me up some, then I went home to finish a business case for work (oh the excitement of it all), and go for an 8.5 mile run. Life in the big city indeed.

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