Monday 27 July 2009


Ugh – So, my first day as 36 has been not entirely auspicious. David and Robin gave me a Spongebob cake last night at midnight. While lovely, I think the excessive amount of pre-bed sugar gave me bizarre dreams (one of those dreams where you’re actually not entirely asleep, but you can’t wake up), and I’ve spent the entire day out of it and migrainey. I should have just gone out to celebrate – at least I would have had a reason then to feel like crap. Sigh.

I’m going for a bike ride after work today, then meeting David and possibly Robin for dinner. I finally managed to take the both of them cycling yesterday, which was a bit like herding cats (only cats don’t whine as much). They took the train to Hertford, about halfway to Cambridge from London. I cycled from London. Met them at the Hertford Castle, where Robin had to pose for various pics in his bright red Assos cycling gear (rolls eyes). The ride to Cambridge from Hertford is about 35 miles (70 from London) and isn’t that hilly. You’d think though that we were climbing the Himalayas with the amount of carping that went on. We stopped a few times, once for food, and a few more times so that Robin could regain feeling in his hands. We only got to spend a brief while in Cambridge (long enough for Robin to take pics of King’s College Cambridge, which apparently has a really big organ in it or something…), then took the train back to London. People ask me if I don’t get lonely cycling on my own, and I do sometimes, but it’s a lot less stressful than trying to do it with two other people who don’t necessarily cycle at the same speed. I got myself in trouble then on the way back from Kings Cross b/c I took a way that was too hilly for David (to avoid Robin bitching about bumps on Blackfriar’s Road) and too slummy for Robin (to avoid David bitching about cycling through Elephant and Castle). Yay, what fun! Anyway, I think I may cycle this autumn to Brussels from here – likely by myself (though it’s a little scary, to be honest).

Not much else going on at the moment, really – I had a few reflective thoughts about becoming middle aged or some such bullshit, but mostly I just want to go home b/c I have a headache. Blah.

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Katherine Plumer said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I distinctly recall you taking us on "shortcuts" in your younger days, like on camping trips and such, that usually resulted in having to scale cliffs and go through caves and dodge poisonous plants. So I feel for David and Robin, you're no fun to try to keep up with! ;-)